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Have you ever needed a gift or present for someone working in farming or agricultural operations? What do you get him or her?

Our Agricultural Patent Collection provides a number of gift options. PatentAsArt has a collection of key patent art related to farming and gardening fields. Our collection includes Eli Whitney’s “Cotton Gin” and other key agricultural inventions of the Industrial Revolution. Other cool patents include farming tools and equipment such as the seed planter, mowing machine, plow, cultivator, and harvester. We also have patents from Luther Burbank, the famed gardener. These framed prints make great farmer gift or botanist gift.

The farmer, gardener, hobbyist, botantist, or ag professor will be truly amazed at how clever you were to have given them a gift they’d never expect. Our art makes a fine present and becomes a great conversation piece made for the living room, home, or office.

With PatentAsArt, you will be truly amazed at the response you will receive when given as a gift or present. Each framed piece provides great gardening or farming historical significance and the unique original reproductions showcase inventions of key people in the ag field. Our art helps tell the story about these farming and agricultural icons.

When you are looking for a gift for a farmer or gardener, consider the fine art from PatentsAsArt farming and gardening collection.