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Here’s a one-of-a kind gift that’s sure to be a hit with anyone you know who works in construction, whether they are a builder, a contractor or a construction worker. Any construction worker – from foreman to laborer – is sure to be pleased with this unique construction gift! And if you need to find the perfect contractor gift to say “thanks” to the hired contractor who has done a job well, can you think of a better way than a print of a builder art patent? This gift is sure to be a hit on the office wall of any construction company.

Each construction art print is printed on premium paper for an aged and authentic look and framed in a high-quality wooden and glass frame. Ranging from the simplicity of the mechanical pencil invented by Hayakaw in 1926 to the awe-inspiring beauty of the original patent artwork submitted by Joseph Strauss to the US Patent & Trademark Office for the Golden Gate Bridge in 1923, these builder art patents make the perfect construction gift to anyone who builds for a living.

You can be sure the engineer, construction laborer, architect or general contractor whom you give a contractor art patent print to will truly be amazed to receive such an incredible, unique and thoughtful gift.