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Does someone in your life love all things computer or internet? Do they thrill at Steve Job’s gift for technology and wonder at the simple art of the first computer mouse? Do they find everything about the internet fascinating? If so, a historical PatentsAsArt reproduction of computer art or internet art patent art may be the perfect gift choice.

From Burroughs’ simple 1888 calculator, the precursor of the modern day computer, to the 1983 Apple computer patent, which was truly the machine that moved internet and computer technology into a new era, our collection of computer art and interent art prints spans almost a century of computer technology. These framed patent art prints, so simple and elegant in design, will make the perfect gift for computer programmers, software engineers, computer game designers, internet consultants or anyone else with a career related to the computer and internet. They will be amazed that you found such a unique and perfect piece of computer gift art!

These thoughtful patent gift art prints make a great conversation piece for the home or office, and will make the computer or internet aficionado in your life light up as if they’ve just heard the musical chime of a Mac computer.