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Have you considered giving someone you know in the navy or army art as a gift? If you know someone in the military that you want to give a gift to, a PatentsAsArt art print is a perfect military gift choice. These handsomely framed reproductions of original patent artwork immortalize the tools the brave women and men in the military use to keep our country safe and to protect us from harm. Our military art makes the perfect army gift or navy gift for any military personnel currently in service or retired from the military.

The art for the 1932 patent application for the Garand military rifle, the 1862 patent application for the Gatling Gun and the 1942 patent application for the classic Jeep Willys all are examples of military art at its finest! And the 1879 Statue of Liberty patent application art reminds your military hero what it is all about: liberty and justice for all.

So, if you are looking for a military gift that anyone in the military would be pleased to hang on the wall of their home or office, consider one of these original and unique framed army or navy art reproductions. They are sure to be a hit.